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Mizado Cocina is a wonderfully creative new twist on Latin cuisine. The latest concept of three gentlemen aptly named the Taste Buds, Mizado is quite a unique restaurant featuring a ceviche bar, hand crafted salsas and guacamoles and my favorite their impressive tequila selection.



Mizado is the brainchild of Greg Reggio, Gary Darling and Chef Hans Limburg, the team behind Semolina and Zea Rotisserie & Grill. The restaurant’s name is a derivative of the Spanish words for viewpoint and crossing.

The restaurant’s décor elicits an open and airy feel that incorporates a beautifully designed patio area. From the modern light fixtures to the well designated banquette seating, the space is a crisp and polished as the cuisine.




There are three choices for guacamole; having tried all three my favorite is Guacamole Y Pistachio that incorporates those flavorfully roasted nuts. Under the array of salsa, the Roja which is a lovely blending of cumin, roasted chiles, tomato, cilantro and agave is their house, but I enjoy spicing it up with either the Roasted Jalapeno Crema or the Habanero.

Either the duck or the beef tamales are mouth-watering under the appetizers. Their selection of tacos choices are perfect sharing plates. I highly recommend the Skinny Tacos which is poached chilled lobster, shredded phyllo, the salsa de Aguacate Y Serrano Crema (tomatilla, avocado, lime and Salvadorean creama), cilantro, jalapeno and tobiko on romaine shells. It is a light, yet filling choice with an abundance of fresh flavors. Both pork taco selections are winners with the Carnitas or Chorizo. The caiman (Louisiana alligator) has a distinctive flavor thanks to its paring with the cabbage and special sauce.




All of the additional side plates are exceptional especially the Ejotes (green beans with chilaca citrus butter) and the Mac & Chorizo, which is heavenly cheesy comfort food. Enjoying the restaurant for both lunch and dinner, I went back for brunch and found it one of my new favorite Saturday or Sunday spots. Adding a special menu, my top favorites for brunch are the Carne Asada Con Huevos and the Pollo Mizado.

As far as the cocktail menu goes, all I have to say is I adore their Wabbit Smash Margarita (carrots never tasted so good) and their Pisco Sangria. Their mixology team has done a superior job in formulating some tasty craft cocktails that will keep guests coming back for more.

Mizado Cocina is located at 5080 Pontchartrain Boulevard. Locals may remember the location as the old Semolina. For more information on the restaurant, go to www.mizadococina.com.

Tony Leggio

Tony Leggio

Tony Leggio is a born and raised New Orleanian. He has over 20 years of event management experience having produced over 5,000 events locally and nationally. Tony has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements in the hospitality industry. Besides his professional career, Anthony has played an active role in the community.He has served Event Chair of Art Against AIDS for the No/Aids Task Force for the past ten years and was honored as Humanitarian of the Year in 2010 by the organization. He is also a freelance writer who has written for USA Today, as well as several local publications.He also writes a column regularly In Ambush Magazine, plus is part of Gambit’s Big Easy Theatre Committee.Tony is a social butterfly of New Orleans that not only knows how to put on a great event but also knows how to enjoy one.
Tony Leggio

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